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Freaky Mutant Man said

at 7:19 pm on Jul 30, 2016

My sister's been wanting a deck with Padme as the major for awhile now, and so I decided to whip one up today based on Episode 1. Rough draft and unplaytested, but I'm feeling optimistic about the design of the deck. My sister suggested handmaidens for minor characters, and I contemplated using Naboo guards, but I ultimately went with Panaka for the sake of design and the fact that as far as supporting characters go in Episode 1, he's fairly prominent - I could swap him for Typho if I wanted to make this an Episode 2 Padme deck and keep all the same cards, but he doesn't quite have the screentime or importance (relatively speaking) of Panaka.

As far as the deck itself goes, I'm a little worried that FALSE SURRENDER>ACCURATE SHOT might end up being too powerful a combo. RUNNING SHOT also seems like it could be redundant with THE QUEEN and PROTECT THE QUEEN! providing general movement and "escape" movement, though I'm unsure what I would replace it with - I originally had two DIPLOMACYs but replaced one with RUNNING SHOT both for extra offense and since I thought being able to use DIPLOMACY twice in one cycle might be too much. Otherwise, I'll just have to see what playtesting and feedback reveal.

Freaky Mutant Man said

at 9:40 pm on Jul 30, 2016

Made a quick tweak after some thought:
-ACCURATE SHOT renamed to CONFIDENT SHOT; reduced from A8 to A7.

So I did the math in my head; the card, as I had it before, would always one shot any generic minor (assuming convention holds and no generic minor has more than 5 HP) with a Weak Ranged deck such as Clone/Storm Troopers and Battle Droids, since the most they can defend with is 2, which isn't enough to survive. This is actually still true; at least on paper, I'm okay with the card one-shotting weak generic minors (I'll wait to see how I feel after playtesting). However, strong generic minors (i.e. Super Battle Droids, Royal Guards, most custom melee minors) would also always be one-shot UNLESS they have both 5 HP and a defense card of 4. This I wasn't so okay with, so for now I've tweaked the card down to A7, which allows for a 5 HP character to defend with either a 3 or 4 and survive. As for the rename, I realized the card is essentially the inverse of Greedo's DESPERATE SHOT, giving a benefit for destroying the target instead of punishing you for failing to. So I chose to similarly play the name off of that card, rather than off of the original Padme's PRECISE SHOT as I originally was.

Darth Wolverine said

at 9:59 pm on Jul 30, 2016

Yeah I don't see any way in which FALSE SURRENDER>CONFIDANT SHOT isn't overpowered. Even at A7, with the card returning to her hand she could easily deliver 14 damage.

All for having more Padme decks though.

umondy said

at 11:03 am on Jul 31, 2016

Hey, I'm always for more Star Wars decks even though right now I'm pretty much set on Padme with the Original deck, the two Padme & Panaka deck and Qui-Gon & Queen Amidala deck. ;)
I beleive Wolverine is spot on. In addition I like the idea of PROTECT THE QUEEN! but think the wording on BODYGUARD could be a little shorter and clearer. There are other decks who accomplish the same and have much better wording for that card. I beleive Durge & Ventress is one of them, you may want to take a look at that.
I'm not sure if I wouldn't drop FALSE SURRENDER alltogether and instead give her 3x RUNNING SHOT to give her some offensive power and even more movement. This way you could leave CONFIDANT SHOT the way it is and it wouldn't be too overpowered anymore but still a neat effect for blasting away generic minors, for example :D

Freaky Mutant Man said

at 1:54 am on Dec 27, 2016

Updated this deck with some tweaks aimed to generally reduce the deck's power.

-Amidala and Panaka's health totals both bumped down by 1, taking Amidala to 13 and Panaka to 10.
-FALSE SURRENDER dropped completely. A few months ago, I would've liked to try to make this mechanic work, but right now I think I'm just gonna drop it. CONFIDENT SHOT is scary enough without it.
-CONFIDENT SHOT dropped from A7 to A6. Both a nerf to what the card can straight up one shot and to accommodate the extra big attack I added.
-RUNNING SHOT is now x2.
-PRECISE SHOT added. Exactly the same card from the original Anakin/Padme deck, this should fill the hole FALSE SURRENDER leaves without being too much.
-BODYGUARD now says "may play when Amidala is defending" instead of "may play as though it is an Amidala card." This should make the card a little clearer. Considering just making it an Amidala card that's functionally identical, might work better.
-Maybe one or two changes that I made months ago but don't remember any more, not sure.

I might still need to mess with attack values, not entirely sure.

Freaky Mutant Man said

at 5:41 am on Jan 21, 2017

Another update:

-CONFIDENT SHOT actually dropped from A7 to A6. Looks like that change never actually made it into the PDF last time for whatever reason.
-PROTECT THE QUEEN! reduced from A5 to A4.
-BODYGUARD is now an Amidala card that's functionally the same as before; move Panaka adjacent to Amidala to increase the defense value and have him take any damage. The card text is now just a tad simpler, as well as giving Amidala a D2 if Panaka bites it before you get the card. This also means the card distribution between Amidala/Panaka is now 9/3 instead of 8/4.

This should still be enough offense with CONFIDENT SHOT around; again, it can one-shot Stormtroopers and Battle Droids regardless of what defense they play, and can be utilized as a finisher on sufficiently weakened strong opponents.

umondy said

at 4:02 pm on Apr 17, 2017

Looks pretty cool right now and like a fun shooter deck.

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