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Darth Marr and Lana Beniko

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Darth Marr and Lana Beniko


Darth Marr was the unofficial head of the Dark Council of the Sith Empire during the Second Great Galactic War. Despite his ruthless reputation, Marr was an honorable warrior and a celebrated hero of the Empire. Lana Beniko was a military adviser and intelligence operative for the Sith Empire during the waning half of the Second Great Galactic War. After her pivotal role in combating the Revanite cultists, Lana was named the new head of Sith Intelligence. Both of these characters are from Star Wars the Old Republic Shadow of Revan expansion.


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Comments (2)

umondy said

at 5:59 am on Jan 7, 2017

Hey I think it's pretty cool someone is taking on some of the major TOR characters! I took a look at the 1st one (not the Experimental one), first impression was it's pretty solid. Have to dig a little deeper into it. I just think it's too bad there are no miniatures for those characters at least for me that's a real downer :(

umondy said

at 3:01 am on Jun 11, 2020

Of course, looking at the deck today it is obvious all those ranged attacks don't work at least not the way the cards are designed/worded. As I am looking into assembling a TOR character set I msy take the time rework this deck to increase playability.

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