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Sauron the Dark Lord

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Sauron The Dark Lord

(Vassal) [Offsite Links]


[Note: the following was written about the older version of this deck.]


This is a deck I've made at least a couple of times in the past based around the idea of a creating a deck so powerful it takes two normal decks to defeat it.  Inspired by recent discussion on Geektopia about creating an Elrond I decided to try and iron this deck into a finished version (credit obviously goes to Robert Moore whose Sauron deck I borrowed some ideas from).


Thoughts and Concerns:

-I've recently tested this against several of the toughest LOTR decks (Aragorn, Gandalf, Witch-King, Thorin) and he's been undefeated so far although he's come away with a few close matches.  Since this deck was meant to be played against any Elrond and Isildur decks, as long as duels against those two decks are more fair than I'm fine with that kind of win percentage.

-DARK MACE + LORD OF THE RINGS is very mean, but also he's only real offense outside of SEARING TOUCH and his blue deck A5/D1.

-POWER OF THE RING is intentionally worded to interact with Aragorn and Isildur. 

-SEARING TOUCH is admittedly a "sponge card", but I wanted to give him a bit more offense and I wanted to avoid giving Sauron any direct damage (which this card sort-of kind of is.)

-Yes, I'm stupid for writing "Darklord" and not "Dark Lord"; I'll fix that in any future updates.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you take him for a spin remember to use the following turn order:

Team 1 Player 1, Sauron, Team 1 Player 2 (or I guess Sauron, Team 1 Player 1, Team 1 Player 2 works as well). 



Comments (11)

umondy said

at 2:43 pm on Dec 9, 2019

Actually really like the DM and LOTR combo you created.

JAG18 said

at 12:23 pm on Dec 10, 2019

Thanks. At the very least, it's very thematic. I'm kind of leaning towards replacing "SEARING TOUCH" with a fourth DM and have him be sort-of Dooku-like, but I don't know.

Roman F said

at 9:26 pm on Dec 10, 2019

So for SEARING TOUCH, is it effectively "If the defending character has 5 or fewer hit points, then any defense card is discarded without effect and he is destroyed. Otherwise..." -- is that it? Anyways, I like Sauron having a higher variety of cards instead of being Dooku-like. This is a fun Sauron deck, it might be good to complete him, Isildur, Elrond and the Balrog as the "Legends" expansion that I always wanted to do.

JAG18 said

at 10:34 am on Dec 11, 2019

Your interpretation of SEARING TOUCH is correct; it probably would be simpler as a special card, which is the route I might go if I don't replace it with something else.

I'd be down to help complete such an expansion. I've tried out the Balrog draft deck you have on Geektopia once and found it very wanting; I could start working on either devolving that deck or trying to start from scratch on a Balrog deck.

Roman F said

at 10:40 am on Dec 11, 2019

Why don't you post some comments on the Balrog page and we can discuss it there?

Roman F said

at 12:07 am on Dec 30, 2019

I don't know that Nazgul make sense as Sauron's minors. We never really see him fight alongside them and I think this is Sauron from the beginning of the film. Also do you plan to host this on your own or I should host it along with the rest of the LOTR stuff?

JAG18 said

at 10:30 am on Dec 30, 2019

Concerning the Nazgul, I just thought Sauron needed tough minors and that Nazgul would be more interesting than "elite Orcs"; plus it let's me use "Battle of the Five Armies" Nazgul imagery. As far as making sense, the Nazgul had been in Sauron's service for about 1,000 years before The Battle of the Last Alliance and there's no reason they wouldn't have fought in the war even if we never saw it on screen. All that having been said, I'm not super attached to the Nazgul and would be open to changing them.

It doesn't make a difference to me as to where the deck is hosted. It would be more convenient if all the decks were hosted on your site and then I could just change the link on this page to your site.

Roman F said

at 12:06 pm on Jan 4, 2020

So you can play this deck this way if you want to, but for the LOTR Legends set, I'm against having a deck so powerful that it requires 2 decks to take it on. It can be a Tier 1AA deck -- the strongest deck in the LOTR set -- but it should still be on a team with, say, the Witch King, that would be beatable in standard 2v2 play by other Tier 1 decks like Aragorn and Gandalf, even if the Sauron-WK combo would win most of those matches.

Just in general, I don't believe in special rules for decks. I've seen some very interesting efforts towards this over the years by others, it's just not for me. I enjoy working within the constraints and rules of Epic Duels, and not changing or removing them.

JAG18 said

at 1:13 pm on Jan 4, 2020

It's cool if you want to tone this deck down to fit better in LOTRED; I'll probably end up playing both versions anyway.

JAG18 said

at 4:41 pm on Jan 4, 2020

On a related note: this solves our hosting issue. You can host the tweaked version on your site and I can keep the original up here.

Roman F said

at 7:19 pm on Jan 4, 2020

Just swapping out the Nazgul for weak Orc Archers will probably do the trick. I'll still give you all the credit.

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