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Page history last edited by umondy 4 months, 3 weeks ago

This page is to discuss sources for Epic Duels figures.  You can also just do it on the pages for those characters for which you want to find figures, but I have a few resources to post and thought I'd gather them here.


  • Best bet still is to find Star Wars Miniatures, and to buy them by the lot.
  • One step beyond that is to use your own 3D printer or find access to one.
    • Skullforge
    • Dark Fire Designs designs some awesome minis, they only sell the 3D files directly anymore. For printed Dark Fire Minis you have to check out there partner sites. They also from time to time open slots for custom work. You can find that on Etsy.
    • Thingiverse is an excellent source if you are looking for free 3D-designs
    • Hero Forge is another excellent source. Here you can even design your own character online. 
    • There are also several people already selling printed 3D-Models on etsy. It is definately worth a try, especially if you are looking for the more popular Disney characters. 
    • Just by Googling I found this Snoke
  • 3D-Print Services: So if you're willing to paint them yourself, Shapeways Studios provides extremely well done, detailed, albeit fragile Star Wars figures for some of the more recent installments:


Those are some of the minis designed and printed by Dark Fire Designs: From left to right: 2x Pre Viszla, Adult Ashoka Tano, Jan Ors (design NOT from DFD), 2x Darth Zannah.

A look into how the Darth Zannah design was created with Zbrush: front, back, template for the design


Blog posts on collecting and modding figures:



What figures are you looking for? 

Comments (4)

umondy said

at 2:43 am on May 18, 2020

Finally a figures site on the wiki. Long overdue.
I am really shocked the unthinkable happened, no more minis at Minitaures Market and Troll and Toad, those were FOR YEARS my go to resource for those awesome little figures ;(

umondy said

at 3:04 am on May 18, 2020

As I am a sucker for all Legends and have no interest in the Disney Universe my wish list includes mostly Legend characters:
Saba Sebatyne
Ben Skywalkner
Master Cilghal
Savage Opress
Vestara Khai
Sora Bulq
Tott Doneeta
Master Thon
Khaleen Hentz
Darth Tennebrous
Lord Skere Kahn
Valenthyne Farfalla
Qordis and Kopecz
Alema Rar
Sword of the Jedi Jaina Solo
Mirta Gev
Tenel Ka
...to be continued...

Roman F said

at 9:48 am on May 18, 2020

I think modding might be the best approach for you. If you look at my latest blog post (Part 2 above) you will see that I made a Sora Bulq and that it wasn't very hard to do. Lowbacca would be similarly easy. Maybe start with those and go from there.

umondy said

at 12:44 am on May 22, 2020

Don't want to offend anybody but never have been a fan of custom figures. They usually look like what they are.Even though I agree on Sora and Lowbacca probably been easy ones to mod. It definately would need a repaint than. Alos thought about repainting an Anakin Solo in to a Ben Skywalker. Should work also. 3D Prints for all of them would be great but only really affordable if more ppl than me would throw in some money to get the unique design made.

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