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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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     Ever since Star Wars Epic Duels came out, my closest gaming friends and I were hooked. We quickly decided that 2v2 was the best way to play and we spent many evenings playing the original decks. Fast forward to Summer 2007 when a couple of my friends discovered the online community of custom Epic Duels deck. They brought over several custom decks. Some were great - others... were... not so great... The idea of custom decks, though, was magnificent. With renewed interest, we enjoyed trying all sorts of different decks. Then we were introduced to the awesome Deck Designer Program (developed by Corey Andalora); and that's when the creative gears began to turn. We came up with all sorts of different decks - from Marvel to video games to Wheel of Time to even decks of ourselves.


     Finally, one friend brought over a deck for two of the most iconic characters I knew - Mario and Luigi. While that particular deck had it's issues, it did have some good ideas. With that deck, though, I realized that Epic Duels was the board game equivalent of one of my favorite video game series - Super Smash Bros. The chaotic multiplayer fun of Smash Bros. was a natural fit for Epic Duels. After that, I was inspired to make a set of 24 decks featuring Nintendo's greatest characters that really captured the feel of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. My goal with this project was to create a full set of unique characters that maintained their personalities and play styles while still being balanced enough to be played with the original Hasbro decks. After several years of creating, adjusting and playtesting, the set finally feels complete. So, now, it's time to give back to the online community that's continued to breathe new life into the awesome game of Epic Duels.


     Special Thanks to Wolsel for contributing ideas to the Samus, Mario, Bowser, and Fox decks and Justin for contributing ideas to the Marth and Ness decks. Thanks also goes out to Jordan, Taco, Russs, Lucas, Pierce, Trisha, Jensen, Zach, Avery, Reuben, and all the other friends that helped me playtest these decks.


     Please print and enjoy Super Smash Bros. Brawl Epic Duels!


Custom Set




Mario and Peach.pdf
Pikachu and Jigglypuff.pdf
Kirby and MetaKnight.pdf
Luigi and Yoshi.pdf
Ike and Catapults.pdf
Bowser and Hammer Bros.pdf
Fox and Falco.pdf
King Dedede and Waddle Doos.pdf
Link and Zelda.pdf
 Ganondorf and Bulblin Archers.pdf
 Samus and Metroid.pdf
 Lucario and Gardevoirs.pdf
 Ness and Lucas.pdf
 Wolf and Leon.pdf
 Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog.pdf
 Wario and Waluigi.pdf
Solid Snake and Otacon.pdf   Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.pdf  
 Pit and Ice Climbers.pdf
 ROB and Mr Game and Watch.pdf

Pokemon Trainer with Charizard, Ivysaur and Squirtle.pdf  Pokemon Trainer2 deck.pdf

Marth and Lyndis.pdf  

Captain Olimar and Pikmin.pdf Captain Olimar2 Deck.pdf

 Captain Falcon and Samurai Goroh.pdf
Battlefield Board.bmp  
Legend of Zelda Board.bmp  
Port town.bmp  
Skyworld - Kid Icarus.bmp  
Spear Pillar Board.bmp  


NOTE: Pokemon Trainer and Captain Olimar use TWO character sheets.  Page 1 of the second Pokemon Trainer and Captain Olimar Pdfs need to be printed up solely for the character sheets.


You can also print a copy of the basic Epic Duels rules, including house rules used for 2v2 matches and specific SSBB Epic Duels rules: SSBB Epic Duels Rules.pdf


Please leave feedback about any of the decks!



Below you will find any custom additions, modifications, and other such things I or anyone else might have cooked up for Super Smash Bros Brawl Epic Duels. As of this writing (5/31/16), there's only one item here, but feel free to make your own additions.

~Freaky Mutant Man


Custom Health Chart for Pokemon Trainer - Since there's no real need for the Pokemon Trainer himself to be on the chart, given that he is not an actual character, I whipped up this custom chart so you don't have to use the two provided in the PDFs. No idea how well it'll print, since I've only used it in Tabletop Simulator, but hopefully it'll work for your needs. By Freaky Mutant Man


Star Fox Zero Health Charts for Star Fox Characters - I've been working on a deck for Peppy & Slippy. While that deck isn't quite ready to be presented, I did end up making some new health charts for the Fox & Falco and Wolf & Leon decks to match the one I made for Peppy & Slippy. These use the Star Fox Zero character portraits, and are a bit more colorful than the originals. The health charts themselves are your standard Deck Designer stuff, just cleaned up a bit. By Freaky Mutant Man


Original set by Atom & co.


Comments (9)

Benjamin Hanson said

at 2:10 pm on May 10, 2014

Great Overall Effort. I've looked through a couple, and there seems to be a nice blend of different specials with nothing too outsized.

Diminished said

at 12:00 am on Jan 18, 2017

Were these decks ever converted to Vassal? I can only find printable PDF's. Would the original creator care if I copied everything into Deck Designer and converted them myself? I've already got 3 done but I don't want to continue if they already exist or if he doesn't want it done for some reason.

Roman F said

at 8:53 am on Aug 21, 2017

Just a plug: At GenCon50 this past weekend, I was fortunate to meet Atom as he was running the Smash Bros. Epic Duels event that he has run for several years. I was very impressed with the event itself as well as the Epic Duels content Atom has created. The event was well-organized, well-run, and drew a mix of Smash Bros. and Epic Duels fans -- who knew there were so many? Atom explained the rules to set everyone up for some fun duels of 2v2 and 3v3, and I saw the participants quickly figuring out, and getting into the game.

The decks themselves are also excellent, creative and clever. They break a lot of rules, but do so carefully and thoughtfully. The balance between the decks indicates that they've received a lot of play testing as well. While I'm not a Smash Bros. fan per se, I recognize many of the characters, including additions like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, MegaMan and others. If you are a fan of Smash Bros. or Epic Duels, these decks are well worth a look!

Freaky Mutant Man said

at 2:38 pm on Aug 21, 2017

Mega Man, you say? Sounds like there's been an update to the set. Curious to see what's been added and changed...

MiThiKaL said

at 11:29 am on Jan 15, 2018

Some decks that my group of friends and I have came up with to go along with the smash bros version. A lot of though t and some testing have been put into them. Im not positive that they are completely balanced at this point and would appreciate any feedback.

Robin Male & Robin Female

Lucina & Bowman
I took a different route with this deck, rather than just making her a clone of Marth like on the smash bros games. The deck is based around the idea that she came from the future, making her change outcomes or see your cards/deck.

The Villager & K.K. Slider

Little Mac & Doc louis

Roy & Eliwood (fire emblem roy)

Cloud & Chocobo (untested)

Mewtwo & Mew

Roman F said

at 4:44 pm on Jan 15, 2018

Oh nice! I'm actually going to put these in the body of this page along with your commentary.

Freaky Mutant Man said

at 7:09 pm on Jan 15, 2018

Should probably go in the fan content section

Roman F said

at 9:53 pm on Jan 15, 2018

Make it so!

MiThiKaL said

at 3:50 pm on Jan 30, 2019

You don't have permission to comment on this page.