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Aurra Sing

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Aurra Sing


An orphan of the smuggler's moon of Nar Shadda, Aurra was a Jedi potential who underwent a series of captures, to eventually emerge as a deadly assassian for the Hutts. She is personally responsible for the deaths of at least 6 Jedi during the Jedi Hunt and has cybornetic implants that both increase her situational awareness and give her a greater ability to detect Jedi. For more on Aurra Sing, go here.


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Comments (6)

umondy said

at 10:30 am on Feb 22, 2019

Anyone who has the Dorkistan deck? The link here is dead as well as his own link on his website. Would be great if somebody could upload that deck again.

JAG18 said

at 12:02 pm on Feb 23, 2019

Wow, that is a shame; I always liked that deck. I don't have it, but would remake it (with Clone Wars art maybe?) and re-upload it if I could remember all the cards.

umondy said

at 2:45 pm on Feb 25, 2019

Would be awesome. First I have to take a look if I maybe downloaded it somewhere. If not, you have to get to work ;)

JAG18 said

at 12:06 pm on Feb 26, 2019

I kind of went ahead and did made it anyway. :P So, if you can't find it I got mine ready to go.

umondy said

at 2:06 pm on Feb 26, 2019

Hey that was amazingly fast! But I actually did find it and reloaded it. :) Thanks anyway. Is your deck identical or maybe still worth uploading?

JAG18 said

at 6:39 pm on Feb 26, 2019

Thank you for the reupload! Actually, my version has a few mistakes ("Hidden" instead of "Stealth Blade", 2 fewer HP) and I couldn't find any Hapan Assassin images, which was fine since I was using "Clone Wars" arts so I gave her Assassin Droids. And of course, there's no beating Sultan's artwork.

I guess I could upload the Vassal version (unless you have that too?), but probably not because I doubt anyone would use it (except me).

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