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Carth Onasi

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Carth Onasi


A veteran pilot for the Galactic Republic in the Old Republic era. After the devastation of his homeworld and family at the hands of the Sith, Carth began to accompany Bastila Shan on her missions. For more on Carth, go here.


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Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 10:08 am on Oct 18, 2007

The Bastilla/Carth deck by docmogs and the Bastilla/Carth deck by EU Expansion are the same, except for how they look.

Anonymous said

at 4:09 pm on Jul 2, 2008

This deck is fun to play, and sometimes frustrating to play against. It doesn't have as much pop as other decks, but the board manipulation is absolutly crazy. In 2 on 2 matches a couple battle meditations can be extremely powerful. If you are just starting with expansions, I would look elsewhere first. But come back to this deck later, it definatly adds another level to ED strategy.

Roman F said

at 1:49 pm on Feb 24, 2013

I've eliminated the link to doc's deck, just use the EU one because yeah, they're the same.

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