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Darth Nihilus

Page history last edited by umondy 3 months, 1 week ago

Darth Nihilus


A Sith Lord of the Old Republic era. Nihilus was a member of the Sith Triumverant, a sort of Jedi Council for Dark Side adepts. For more on Darth Nihilus go here.


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Comments (9)

Atomicquail said

at 7:30 am on Aug 6, 2015

I had a point of clarification on with @Raistlin and escape death, can it be used in event of a fatal attack incoming and bolster your health to avoid death as the card title would suggest? If so would this depend on the source of incoming damage being an attack card vs being a special card due to the "resolve immediately" nature of special cards?

umondy said

at 8:51 am on Aug 6, 2015

That's a VERY good question. Haven't played this deck yet but planned to do so in the future. I'm also very curious how this card is meant to be played. It sounds as there is absolutely no restiriction as to when to play this card. But I think what you are talking about is what happens when somebody already has played this "devastating" card that would kill you? Hm...if the attackers card is resolved immediately you would be dead and any healing would be to late. That's my first thought that comes to mind. Maybe the last possible point to play the card would be BEFORE the attackers card is revealed?

Raistlin said

at 4:09 pm on Mar 17, 2016

Sorry, I've seen this only now!

Yes, as umondy says, there is no restiriction as to when to play Escape Death card/s. That's how I intended the card. You may play it literally AT ANY TIME - so also after a lethal blow or Special effect.

umondy said

at 2:36 pm on May 9, 2016

Hi Raistlin,
I have one more question regarding ESCAPE DEATH. The way the card is designed, is there ANY reason at all to ever play one of them on your own turn? Because if you would do that, ESCAPE DEATH would actually cost an action. So the logical thing to do would be to play all of them on opponents turns. I just can imagine this beeing a little anoying and maybe even overpowering Nihilus, cause he can heal up all the time (9 times) without even losing a single action.
Any actual gameplay ecperience with that?

Raistlin said

at 11:09 am on Aug 7, 2016

Yes, you will always use Escape Death cards on opponents' turns. My choice was based considering and thinking about other decks using similar mechanics (Trumpetus' old Aurra Sing or Sultan's Wampa for example); that's because healing is really a weak action by its own, generally, and an alternative way to use 9-forced-healing cards must be found to make them less useless. I expanded the concept in my deck: I did not put cards with direct interactions with the Escape Death cards, simply I allowed to play them as free action by their own. So yes, you will never play Escape Death in Nihilus turns to heal him; just in some very rare circumstances you will play them in normal way (for example, maybe you want gain some sort of time during a matchup... don't know why, but could happen).
Clearly the advantage to play them for free at any time (but I assure you that it is not so big advantage) is rebalanced internally in the deck and results absolutely not overpowered. I played the deck a lot and it works fine.

umondy said

at 1:54 pm on Aug 7, 2016

Okay, just wanted to be sure. Sounds reasonable. The deck is in the making and I can't wait to play test it soon.

Raistlin said

at 6:53 pm on Aug 7, 2016

Great :) Let me know if you like it.

umondy said

at 6:23 am on Aug 27, 2016

Hey Raistlin,
finally played it for the 1st time yesterday. Was in action twice and definately lots of fun. I have to admit he maybe is a little too powerful but I guess his weakness really lies in defense and he was pretty lucky both times to not be at the receiving end very much. We played him in team play both times. Once with another solo deck and once with a Mara Jade deck.

umondy said

at 6:04 am on Jan 7, 2017

@Kindaal Kor: Not sure if the world needs another Nihilus deck as I really like the existing ones but nevertheless I am always appreciative for people trying out new ideas for characters I like. Just took a brief look at the deck for now. There are definately some intriguing ideas, at first glance I'm just not sure if I like him having 4 power defense cards. Not to mention two of them beeing 10. Have to dig a little deeper though.

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