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Darth Vader

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Darth Vader


Darth Vader is a merciless killer, remorseless tyrant, Jedi killer, Imperial agent, Sith Lord. He is the major character in one of the original twelve decks, although many players complain that his deck is not powerful enough. For more on Darth Vader, go here.


Printable Decks


  • Darth Vader by Mayorofbespin (dead link, please upload if in possession)



























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Comments (7)

Raistlin said

at 7:47 am on Feb 28, 2009

About A.Shockley's Governor Tarkin & Dark Jedi Vader deck: this is an original and well designed deck. It is designed on the Han/Chewbacca original archetype (weaker major than minor), with the variant of a non-shooter minor character and powered with some interesting Special cards. It works, it is balanced and can be really competitive. I suggest it to new players.

Note about my personal tweaks on customs: no tweaks.

Raistlin said

at 7:55 am on Feb 28, 2009

About Sultan's Imperial Lord Vader deck: I like the idea and the flavour of the deck; on the other hand the power-up mechanic appeared like something a bit too much over the ordinary to me, so I changed the deck a bit to conform it to my personal tastes.

Note about my personal tweaks on customs: Vader has 18 HP, no level-up system; 'Force Choke' discards are allowed only by the opponent's controller; 'Blaster Pull' is D4; 'Don't Disappoint Me Again' heals Vader 4 HP; 'The Power of the Dark Side' discards 4 cards at random and only if Vader survives the attack.

Mayorofbespin said

at 11:04 pm on May 11, 2009

If anyone can help me figure out why this deck gets the 109 error, I would really appreciate it. My Plagueis and Starkiller decks don't get the error, and they were created the same way the Vader deck was. Please drop me a line if you have any ideas. Thanks.

Vash the Stampede said

at 12:42 am on May 12, 2009

I assume you created them all with Corey's Deck Designer. The latest version encounters an error when exporting multiple minor character decks into PDFs. Just give Vader one Stormtrooper (for the time being) and it should work fine.

Mayorofbespin said

at 7:37 pm on May 12, 2009

Thanks Vash. That would make sense, being as the first two decks I made had one minor, and Vader's was the first to have 2. The help is appreciated; I was driving myself crazy last night trying to figure out why it wasn't working.

Anonymous said

at 7:38 am on Dec 19, 2009

Tarkin-Vader links by Aaron Shockley repaired 12/19/09.

Roman F said

at 12:05 am on Feb 24, 2013

Justin DeWitt's tweaked Darth Vader is the original tweaked Vader IMO. He included the popular YSANC tweaked plus added some cards like WEAPON PULL and LIGHTSABER THROW. We liked WEAPON PULL a lot but found it a bit overpowered.

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