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Deck Designer

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Deck Designer is a tool designed by Corey Andalora to help develop custom decks for the Epic Duels board game.


For questions, comments, or suggestions send emails to EpicDuelsDeckDesigner [at] gmail.com. 

Examples of decks created using this tool can be found on the Heroes Epic Duels page.







deckcolors.xml - A modified basic deck file containing every basic deck described on Basic Deck Design by OWJ. Giving your deck Magenta or Minor-Red is easier than ever with this! Replace the existing deckcolors.xml in your Deck Designer folder with this one. Modification by Freaky Mutant Man. Please report any errors or bugs you may discover with this! Update 7/3/16: Now includes versions of Yellow and Yellow+ with a 5/1, as well as the basic deck used for the EU Expansion's Jaina & Jacen deck!



  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 found here
  • 128MB available RAM, 256MB recommended
  • About 3MB HD space


Features / Changes:



  • Added option for lighter background gradient.
  • Added option for fill color opacity. 



  • Fixed issue with illegible description text in Windows 7.



  • Fixed issue with Vassal export in Vista
  • Added option for spacing between cards for PDF export
  • Added option for border width for PDF export
  • Increased available X and Y location ranges for Vassal export
  • Combat 'colors' are now imported from XML configuration dynamically 
  • Added option to export to text format
  • Installer sets up file association to open .dkd files with Deck Designer from explorer
  • Character pieces show up as a triangular fold in PDF export
  • Adjusted PDF export paper size and centering of cards
  • Rearranged some properties in card builder more logically 



  • Optional star image for special attack or special defend.
  • Adjustable character name font size.
  • Categorized properties.
  • Ordered properties.
  • Options for play mechanics text:
    • Last name
    • First name
    • Full name
    • Custom name



  • Use supersampling to create Vassal images.
  • Improved JPEG save quality.
  • User defined quality percentage for PDF export.
  • User defined quality percentage for Vassal export.
  • Optional high quality setting for PDF export.
  • Added progress dialog for exports.
  • Fixed bug with exporting Duo characters. 



  • Check for back when exporting to Vassal.
  • Persist show template property.
  • Fixed problem with switching type on previously saved cards.
  • Added recent files to menu.
  • Added zoom tuning.
  • Fixed card name issue.
  • Added * to filename to indicate changes made.
  • Added thumbnail to image selection.
  • Added pieces to PDF exporter.
  • Fixed last page of exported PDF.
  • Fixed printing of backs of cards.



  • Font size for Vassal hitpoints is fixed at 18 now.
  • Fixed character label for Vassal export.
  • Added character name to combat cards for Vassal export.
  • Changed link in about box to this Wiki page.



  • Fixed issue with rendering duo minor hitpoint sheet
  • Fixed export to Vassal module



  • Ability to change card name font size
  • Ability to choose between narrow or wide card name font
  • Fixed PDF export bug when no back exists
  • Fixed figure image bug when removing images
  • Ability to hide template
  • Added custom deck colors
  • Now a pure C# solution



  • Minor updates to template
  • Ability to change character name font color
  • Ability to change description font size
  • Character subtype "Duo" for minor character pair
  • Combination of damage mats into single mat (2 characters)
  • Export decks to ZunTzu Epic Duels module
  • Export decks to PDF file



  • Smoother pan and zoom images
  • Zoom reset
  • Removed concept of "borders"
  • Rounded card corners
  • Auto add major character combat cards based on deck color scheme
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Yellow+
  • Auto add minor character combat cards based on strength
    • Strong
    • Strong+
    • Strong++
    • Weak
  • Clear all combat cards
  • Import decks from version 0.6
  • Export decks to Vassal SWED 3.2



  • Create a new deck
  • Save deck
  • Load deck
  • Name your deck
  • Add any number of images
  • Remove images
  • Preview images
  • Export image back to file
  • Create and add a new card
    • Combat
    • Special
      • Normal
      • Attack
      • Defend
      • Attack / Defend
  • Export card to image
  • Preview cards
  • Edit cards
  • Remove cards
  • Reorder cards
  • Apply image settings to other cards
  • View card thumbnails
  • View number of cards in deck
    • Total
    • Combat
    • Special
  • Set deck location (for Vassal)
  • Set back of deck
  • Create and add damage scorecards
  • Edit damage scorecards
  • Remove damage scorecards
  • Export deck to Vassal (SWED module 2.3)
  • Print Preview
    • Draft (black and white, no images, no damage cards, no backs)
    • Release
  • Print









Comments (18)

Swampwallaby (VASSAL Developer) said

at 3:16 pm on Apr 6, 2009

Hi Corey,
There is a problem with the Deck Builder when used with images that have non-English characters such as Accents, Umlauts or Chinese characters. The Deck Builder builds a Deck that a) does not work and b) crashes Vassal if you try and modify it. Can you please contact me on b dot easton at exemail.com.au so that we can resolve the issue.
Regards, Brent.

wainright@... said

at 4:28 pm on Apr 6, 2009

That's funny. We just had to change a deck with a Chinese character in it a couple weeks ago because of this issue. Certainly not a priority for our group, but if you do make Chinese characters work then please let us know.

HallowJack said

at 2:31 am on Mar 30, 2012

sup brother, i'm havin an issue with deck builder 8.7. after downloading it and creating a couple decks, it crashed on me and since then wont work properly :/ when i go to create a card, it displays just a blank tab, no picture, no text, nothing. can't load up the decks i've created either.. not sure if it's an issue on my end or a small kink in the program. any insight on what might be going on is much appreciated! thanks.

Game_Error said

at 1:29 am on Apr 3, 2012

Been getting a lot of use out of this, but I've been having problem with the text. It's aliased pretty badly, making it very hard to read certain letters and numbers, or the text at all if it gets a little small. The text used on the Heroes decks is a lot easier to read than the text on the cards I've been making, so I know it's possible for it to look better. Any help would be appreciated.

Ben said

at 10:41 am on Oct 18, 2015

Great tool, thank you! Can you advise, for printing purposes, what kind of card stock/paper etc is used to best emulate the classic duels deck feel?



Roman F said

at 3:33 pm on Oct 23, 2015

Hi Ben, I would use 110 lb. card stock, hi-gloss if possible but not required. I would print the fronts on the glossy side, then run it back through the printer and print the backs on the other side.


at 11:58 am on Mar 14, 2017

Has anyone tried running this in Linux using WINE ?


at 9:54 am on Mar 15, 2017

I installed Deck Designer with Wine on Ubuntu. I was able to pull up a .dkd file. The program seems to function. I was able to resize and do that sort of thing. The only issue was when I tried to output to pdf I got black and white and some of the resizing was messed up also. I'm not sure Adobe works on Linux without a work around.
Maybe there is a techy out there who is familiar with Wine and could dissect the Deck Designer program for Linux ???


at 9:54 am on Mar 15, 2017

Ubuntu 16.04


at 1:12 pm on Mar 16, 2017

Anyone have Corey's email address?


at 8:08 pm on Mar 18, 2017

OK, I was successful in running Deck Designer in Linux; "from a certain point of view". I downloaded VirtualBox and Installed Windows XP within it. Then I fetched and Installed Deck Designer and Net Framework 2.0 in my guest OS. Then, you have to install VirtualBox Guest Additions in the guest OS to set up a shared drive; otherwise you can't access the files you created between Ubuntu and Windows XP.

This seems the easiest and least techy way to accomplish this. I don't want to keep a PC around just to run deck designer.


at 5:23 am on Jul 11, 2017

I've never been able to get yellow to look like yellow using deck designer. Does anyone know how to add a better color set to the designer?

umondy said

at 8:49 am on Feb 7, 2019

What is the reason we never got an Deck Designer v1.0.0 ?


at 3:56 am on May 17, 2019

Update: Deck Designer 'will' run on linux using Wine.

Linux version - Ubuntu 18.04
Wine version 3.0
Install Netframework 2.0
Install Deck Designer

I was even able to set up an icon on my desktop. I left out alot of steps. But, if youve used wine before it wont be difficult for you.

Before, i had to install a dual boot OS pc which is too much work and leaves you pc vulnerable to attack when online due to the lack of Windows 7 security.

umondy said

at 7:28 am on Jun 5, 2019

Anybody knows how to change the color set in the designer? I got bored of the color choices a long time ago.

Zac Pierce said

at 1:48 pm on Apr 3, 2020

I had a question someone might be able to answer. When I create my epic duels decks on deck designer and load them into VASSAL they all populate in the top left corner on top of one another in the extension deck box. My guess is to change the deck location in the designer program using the x axis y axis boxes but unsure what values to put in to get them more in the middle and not on top of one another. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

JAG18 said

at 5:28 pm on Apr 3, 2020

Hope these help:

And after scrolling down a bit:

Note that I've expanded the extension box quite a bit; probably if you stick to rows Y650, 900, and 1,150 (or around there) you should be fine.

Zac Pierce said

at 2:15 pm on Apr 13, 2020

Thank you for the help, i got it to work with your assistance!

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