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Extras Downloads

Page history last edited by Le Timmers 4 months ago

Extras Downloads


This page contains all those "extras" that are available with the game, such as cut-out figures, extra character sheets, etc.  What follows is a list of all user-created content that didn't fit under one of the larger sidebar headings "characters, expansions or maps".


  • Addons by various, Several add-on decks to add variety and new mechanics.



  • Cut-out Figures by PD Magnus, these cut-out figures are a collection of characters used in all of PD Magnus' custom decks


  • Epic Duels Mini by MiThiKal. An easier, simpler version of the original, designed to play with young children.


  • Power Icons (wound markers) by Adam Nowakowski.  Need some extra wound markers?  Adam's got you covered.   


  • Hasbro Hit Scans by Unknown.  Don't like the large character chart that came with the game?  Here are card sized version of them.  




Comment on any of the content from the above or add your own.  


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Comments (2)

Adam Nowakowski said

at 3:37 pm on Dec 2, 2015

Maybe this isn't the right place, but I don't see a forum. Are their power icons anywhere that can be printed? I've seen all the cards and such, but I can't seem to find the actual power pieces.

Freaky Mutant Man said

at 12:21 am on Jun 4, 2016

Really late, but: I don't understand what you mean by "power pieces." No such thing is used in the game; everything is done with cards, die rolls, damage trackers, and the figurines/boards.

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