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Page history last edited by umondy 3 years, 1 month ago

Star Wars Epic Duels Wiki


 Hasbro Board Game, released 2002, out of print.                                



This wiki was created as a reference and catalog for all things Star Wars Epic Duels and has become the primary site for Epic Duels content and discussion.  Our goal is to use this site as a repository of all user-created Epic Duels content:  new decks, new maps, new extensions to the online VASSAL Engine module for Epic Duels, plus alternate rules, tweaked decks and more. There are also theory-oriented sections for the hardcore Epic Duels fan that includes component design theories and strategies. 


If you're brand new to the wiki, check out the Start Here page.  Or, click one of the links in the SideBar to the right, or use the Search box to find specific content. 


This wiki is largely an open-source project, so users can login and create pages, and add information or comments to any current pages, including uploading their own Epic Duels creations to share. The administrators reserve the right to edit or remove any content.  If you'd like to contribute to the wiki, please read this first.


Epic Duels Discord

Epic Duels Discord

For discussions about decks, storage, new projects, miniatures or everything else Epic Duels, check out the Epic Duels Discord.


You are also welcome to join the Facebook Group.


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Comments (Show all 307)

umondy said

at 12:02 am on Sep 13, 2019

Thanks for the kind words. Let me know how you like playing it.

Roman F said

at 11:03 am on Oct 22, 2019

New trailer, new movie, new TV series (The Mandalorian) and that will mean new decks!

Roman F said

at 12:19 pm on Nov 20, 2019

Space: The Final Frontier. Our Wiki is running out of space. I doubt it can be increased without spending money, which I'm not about to do (when I sell through my 3rd printing of Cage Match, years from now, I'll consider it). If you have content on the Wiki, please determine if any of it is obsolete and can be moved elsewhere. Even if it is obsolete, I don't like the idea of removing content but in some cases deleting the content may make sense. Please consider it. Feel free to ask questions or make other suggestions as to how best to free up space for new decks.

Roman F said

at 9:43 pm on Dec 19, 2019

Well adios to Yahoo! groups. That Epic Duels group was one of the very first online groups I was ever part of, I'm sad to see it go, even if lost most of it's value years ago. Still liked having the storage too.

MiThiKaL said

at 12:37 pm on Jan 20, 2020

Has anyone created a Discord group for this by chance? If not is there any interest in doing so? Not for anything specific, just to discuss anything about the game (balancing decks or whatever).

JAG18 said

at 1:46 pm on Jan 20, 2020

To my knowledge, no one ever has. I know this came up a few months ago on the front page, but the consensus back then was that there wasn't enough interest in the game to justify the creation of one (although I don't know if that's still true or not).

MiThiKaL said

at 2:08 pm on Jan 20, 2020

I feel it is at least a try, cant hurt anything. Its free to make a server and if it doesn't work out, everyone can just abandon it.

MiThiKaL said

at 2:21 pm on Jan 20, 2020

It could potentially have more members than expected. People may not have something worth posting to the page here, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't want to be involved with the community. May allow us to grow the fan base even more and get to know the members better. Of course, it wouldn't replace the PBworks page since their completely different platforms with different functions.

P.S. Not being able to edit is rough, cant imagine why that isn't a feature yet...

JAG18 said

at 2:43 pm on Jan 20, 2020

Hey, man if you want to then go for it; you'll never know how far you'll get until you try.

And yes, the lack of an edit function is stupid and annoying. :/

umondy said

at 2:16 pm on Jan 20, 2020

What is a discord group?

MiThiKaL said

at 2:23 pm on Jan 20, 2020

Basically a chat room with text and/or voice chat. Its typically used for gaming communities. You can create a server for anything tho.

MiThiKaL said

at 8:39 am on Jan 23, 2020

Well I went ahead and made a discord for this, not sure how it’ll turn out but it’s worth a shot. Any moderators here are welcome to be premiered Admin access on the server, let me know if you are interested.


umondy said

at 1:47 pm on Jan 24, 2020

Sure. Always interested in everything ED!

Roman F said

at 1:55 pm on Feb 8, 2020

The discord is awesome! I think we should announce it to the Yahoo! groups, BGG and Facebook.

Roman F said

at 5:45 pm on May 1, 2020

Anyone else watching the Clone Wars? Highly recommend Season 7 Part 2!

Sophist said

at 5:53 pm on May 1, 2020

Its incredible! Some of my favourite SW

Diminished said

at 4:08 pm on May 12, 2020

I've written a supplement program for Vassal that will add a Prototype trait to all cards in a deck by editing the buildFile automatically. I was just using it for myself because I was tired of manually adding prototypes to 31 cards in all of my Extension Decks. But if anyone else was interested in using it I have no problem uploading it. It's technically finished and does what I wanted it to do, but I might make make a few minor changes to it. Is something like that okay to upload?

Roman F said

at 10:47 am on May 14, 2020

Great! Please upload to the Deck Designer page under "Extras". There's already one addition to it, you could use bullet points for that one and for yours.


Diminished said

at 4:09 pm on May 12, 2020

I actually made this program in GameMaker: Studio 1.4 (Standard Version) aka the free version, in case anyone wondered.

Roman F said

at 9:25 pm on May 13, 2020

Very cool! Thanks!


at 4:07 am on Jun 18, 2020

I see my Marvel vs DC was deleted. I will restore the link.

Roman F said

at 8:42 am on Jun 18, 2020

Heads up, we are moving all non-SW content to a new Wiki because we're running out of space. It's like the old days of multiple Yahoo! groups.

umondy said

at 1:48 am on Jun 20, 2020

Sorry, that is my fault. Should have put some notice up here that we are moving stuff and that it takes a few days at least. Nothing will be deleted wizhout being first uploaded to the new page. I will puz the link up in the sidebar as soon as most stuff is done. I beleive the new space qill be much better for all the non star wars content. Enough room to really sort it out and make it more accessible. Right now it is a little like an afterthought and there are so many great expansions including yours, I beleive the deserve a better presentation.

umondy said

at 4:16 pm on Jun 24, 2020

Byyyy the way, do you still have your Admiral Saul Karath deck? I was just lately looking for it but the link is broke. Any chance to restore that?

urob said

at 2:51 pm on Jan 14, 2021

I've got new decks to upload, but am having trouble figuring out how to route them to the folders. Anybody care to help me?

umondy said

at 5:19 pm on Jan 17, 2021

Did you solve the problem? If not I can do it for you.

Marc said

at 11:27 am on Aug 13, 2021

I have an original version of this game from back when we played it with friends in 2002. However, over the years I’ve lost some pieces. Is there anywhere I can get a card list to see the original cars so I can play it? I have the original board and a number of characters so it’s not just wanting to get the game for free but understand there still may be issues with that.

tpinkman13 said

at 11:50 am on Aug 13, 2021

Hey Marc, I am not sure of the best way to do this. This page has mostly fan-made decks or tweaks to the original. Each deck has 31 cards (12 special and power combat), so maybe you could start by counting each deck and figure out how many you are missing and from what decks. I could help piece it together for you after that, feel free to shoot me an email if you want at tpinkman13@gmail.com

Marc said

at 12:52 pm on Aug 13, 2021

Thanks. I'll take inventory this weekend.

umondy said

at 1:17 pm on Aug 13, 2021

you can find all the card texts in the component design section under 'card text'.
Other than that you could join the discord, I bet there are ppl that could help you out for anything else you need.

JAG18 said

at 6:31 pm on Aug 13, 2021

Actually, card text is a page about how to write talent cards like the original decks. The page that has all the text from the original cards is called "Deck Descriptions": http://epicduels.pbworks.com/w/page/9779427/Deck%20Descriptions

umondy said

at 9:09 am on Aug 14, 2021

thats it!

Bmldesigns said

at 9:35 pm on Aug 29, 2021

Actually if you want to join the discord and fire me a message I've already remade a bunch of the original decks I can fire you a pdf to print!

DarthJake said

at 8:15 pm on Jan 25, 2022

Any particular reason my Marvel/DC decks were deleted but then reuploaded under someone else’s name? I’ve got more decks, but am hesitant to share now.

JAG18 said

at 7:46 pm on Jan 27, 2022

A couple of years ago all non-Star Wars decks were deleted and re-uploaded onto the Epic Duels2 wiki (link in sidebar) to save space. You can find your decks over on that site.

DarthJake said

at 7:45 am on Jan 28, 2022

I can still see them on this original page. But no credit was given to me is my point. Obviously these aren’t for sale nor copyrighted by any means. Still, it’s a bit aggravating to not be credited with creating the decks in the first place. Second, I don’t see any links to this other page in my sidebar. I typed epicduels2.pbworks.com & I assume that’s the new page? However, like I said, I can still see my deck on this original wiki & the new page. Which means it was deleted here, then reuploaded under a different name for no reason. Not the worst thing to ever happen, just disappointed & irked to not have any credit as it took a lot of time to create & test our decks.

JAG18 said

at 10:50 am on Jan 28, 2022

Here is a link to the non-SW wiki: http://epicduels2.pbworks.com/w/page/140429532/FrontPage There is a page for your decks in the "Comic Expansions" section.

Can you post a link to the files on this wiki that you're seeing? The only Marvel/DC related content I can find on here is this page: http://epicduels.pbworks.com/w/page/103710813/Marvel%20Comics%20Duels

umondy said

at 2:18 pm on Jan 28, 2022

If anything was done not to your liking please let me know. It is exactly like JAG18 said. It was just an acrtion to create more space for Star Wars AND all the other Epic Duels content. It was never meant to take any credit away from anybody. If that happened I am sorry as it probably was my fault. I hope this does not discourage you to share more of your ideas and would ask you instead to help me sort out what was wrong and needs to be changed. Just you know, ALL Non-Star Wars content is supposed to be put on the Non-Star Wars Wiki now. I am actually surprised you could still find that stuff on here as this should not be the case.

DarthJake said

at 11:33 pm on Jan 28, 2022

That’s my bad. When I was first looking at these I was on my phone and hitting a link that sent me to the new wiki without realizing it. I appreciate you clarifying or affirming what JAG18 said. It does look like the deck was untouched since my last upload. We’ve played a few more times & think they’re pretty balanced. It’s one of the Marvel/DC decks. The one with Thor/Goats & CapAmerica/Snipers. I do have some new decks we’ve been testing, from a tv show that I’ll upload as soon as we can test it again. And I do have a few of my own that I’ve been working on privately that I’ll post soon, too. Thanks for the explanation & consider the matter resolved.

umondy said

at 4:05 pm on Jan 31, 2022

You are welcome and glad to have you back as an active contibuter. There can never be too much ED :)

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