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Jabba the Hutt

Page history last edited by umondy 5 years, 4 months ago

Jabba the Hutt


Jabba is a crimelord based on Tatooine. He appears briefly in Episode I, and features prominently in Han Solo's storyline in A New Hope and Empire. For more on Jabba, go here.


 Printable Decks:









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Comments (7)

Anonymous said

at 4:55 pm on Jul 2, 2008

Thoughts on Raistlin's deck: We like this deck alot. It captures Jabba well, and it falls in the mid power range of decks. The only issue with the deck is that some of the cards are not easy/clear. If you are playing with veterans then you'll have no problems interperating all the different combinations that can occur. But for new players this deck can sometimes be confusing. That isn't to say that I would change it. I like the way the deck plays, just a warning.
Not recommended as your first expansion deck.

Roman F said

at 2:17 pm on Feb 24, 2013

You're spoiled for choices with Jabba: Sultan, Darth Trumpetus, Mike Maloney, Raistlin and Geektopia have all created good ones. DT's was selected for the 10-Year Anniversary set.

umondy said

at 7:11 am on Jun 2, 2019

Geektopia's Jabba deck link does not work.

Roman F said

at 8:49 pm on Jun 2, 2019

I just tried it and it worked.

umondy said

at 3:01 am on Jun 3, 2019

True...must have been a screw up of my browser. Thanks anyway for the quick response.

umondy said

at 3:04 am on Jun 3, 2019

WOW! I was looking through the Jabba decks and tried to deceide what should be our go to Jabba deck for the foreseable future. But honestly there are plenty of great designs. So far we have played JAbba & Bin and one of the Jabba & Gamorreans (Probably the anniversiry deck). They are decent even though with some minor flaws. Anybody willing to share their experience with any of the Jabba decks?

JAG18 said

at 12:14 pm on Jun 4, 2019

Geektopia and Mike Maloney (the one with Bib) are my go to Jabba decks; both are good decks and represent Jabba well, they just play differently and so which one I'll play really depends on the mood I'm in.
DT's (the 10 anniversary one) I've had good experience with and I think it's fun.
Sultan's I've played and while I don't have any problems with it I can't say it's a favorite deck of mine or anything.

I'll get around to playing Tusken Raider's (and maybe Raistlin's) deck someday.

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