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Leia Organa (-Solo)

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Leia Organa (-Solo)


Daughter of Anakin Skywalker, princess of Alderaan, Wife of Han Solo, leader of the Rebellion, key diplomat of the New Republic, savior of the Noghri, mother of the next generation of Jedi. All that and she didn't get a major deck in the original Epic Duels. For more information on Leia go here.


Printable Decks:



  • Han and Leia by The Tusken Raider
    • Inspired by scoundrelhan's deck, although this deck focusses instead on Han's propensity for gambling, the tempestuous relationship between the two and their fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants means of survival.






  • Princess Leia and 2 Rebel Soldiers by OWJ can be downloaded at the Epic Duels Online Club in the files section.











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