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The original Epic Duels game came with 4 maps.  You can click here for print-able versions.


New map venues are provided for your epic dueling pleasure. Click on a planet location link or an other location link for the maps associated with that location, and for brief background information. Each page lists both printable maps as well as online extensions to the VASSAL version of the game.  If you'd like to make some contributions to the wiki, please read this first.


Planet Locations   Other Locations Compilations
Ahch-to Koboh
Canto Bight Casino
BML Map Pack
Ajan Kloss Korriban
Chimeara Star Destroyer
isutton007's Maps
Alderaan Lothal
Cloud City
Map Pack 


Coreship Generator Room


Mandalore Death Star



Fortress Inquisitorius
Mygeeto Imperial Outpost
Myrkr Narkina 5 Prison
Naboo Peragus Asteroid
Nar Shadaa
Shakmat Arena
Onderon Rebel Outpost
Dromund Kaas
Ord Mantell Trade Federation Hangar

Yavin Ruined Jedi Temple



Starkiller Base























  For non-Star Wars themed maps, visit the Assorted Non-Star Wars Material page.

Comments (Show all 61)


at 8:23 am on May 17, 2016

I use gimp and even mspaint on occassion.

Freaky Mutant Man said

at 6:11 am on Jul 9, 2016

One quick question concerning the Jakku map, Obi-Wan John: are the spaces where the Star Destroyer (and accompanying red line) partially intersects with an otherwise full space considered obstacles or normal spaces? Sorry if this is obvious, but I'd just like to be sure; I'm thinking they'd count as normal spaces, but it can't help but feel a little odd putting a character ever so slightly on top of the Star Destroyer.


at 3:37 am on Aug 22, 2016

A little overlap is not a big deal and unavoidable when you have a triangle shaped craft placed within a board with squares.


at 10:39 pm on Jan 2, 2018

Anyone up for making a Crait or Snoke Throne Room map?

Davidw said

at 7:59 pm on Mar 1, 2018

Is there a certain way to design maps or isn't there a map maker as there's a deck designer?

Roman F said

at 10:38 pm on Mar 1, 2018

If there's an easy way to make maps, i personally have never found it. I've always relied upon the kindness of strangers.

Davidw said

at 11:13 am on Mar 5, 2018

Ahh, so patience will out.

Nathan R said

at 8:10 am on Mar 5, 2018

Wow a lot of the links are dead

Roman F said

at 2:05 pm on Mar 6, 2018

We're back in business as far as I can tell. Let me know if you find any of the links are still dead.

umondy said

at 4:09 pm on Mar 6, 2018

Why don't we change all those external links to direct downloads?

Roman F said

at 8:08 pm on Mar 6, 2018

Although I doubt that Sultan will be updating anything, if he does, he would maintain things at his site, just as I maintain my stuff at mine.

Perhaps you want to download everything for yourself. From there, you could upload them all if you wanted, but I don't think it's worth the effort.

Nathan R said

at 3:46 pm on Mar 7, 2018

I created a hoth map, How can i upload it so people can check it out to make sure it conforms?

Roman F said

at 4:59 pm on Mar 7, 2018

Can I ask you to please update your profile with a username, so that we know how to address you? In answer to your question, there's an "upload files" link at the top-right. Then, follow the "Hoth" link above, and edit the page it takes you to, and add a link to your file.

Nathan R said

at 11:18 pm on Mar 7, 2018

I did it i uploaded my Hoth Map... take a look and let me know what you think

Roman F said

at 11:12 am on Mar 8, 2018

Well done! And thanks for creating a user name! You should make your map available in Vassal. If you want, just upload a .JPG of your map and I'll set it up.

Nathan R said

at 11:45 pm on Mar 8, 2018

Anybody interested in a Sarlacc Map?

Davidw said

at 6:29 am on Mar 9, 2018

For sure

umondy said

at 1:24 pm on Mar 9, 2018

Any interest in doing a Christophsis map fot our Clone Wars Expansion set?

Nathan R said

at 3:44 pm on Mar 9, 2018

i dont know....I am not familar with the Show and looking at the images online i cant tell what you would want to redesign. I definitely am not opposed, but not sure if i could do it.

umondy said

at 4:50 am on Mar 10, 2018

If you are interested I could email you a sketch of what I had in mind and some pictures to better imagine. I'm pretty sure you could pull it off much better and in less time than I ever could. Even though we may don't have any birds eye images of the city we can adopt the whole dity artwork is very symmetric and I beleive could easily be reconstructed at least to an extend that would be enough for a map. I would definately aim for a map that has a bigger scale, like the Endor map that's available. Actually I would aim for the same seize so I could brint it on the back of that map ;)
The Endor map is pretty unique, adds to the game and is lots of fun and also has a pretty basic design. Just let me know if you are interested and I send you more detailed information.

umondy said

at 4:52 am on Mar 10, 2018

It has SOME basic elements but I would shoot for a little less crowded map. Something that is a little more representative of that look https://i.imgur.com/3PQ7PlP.png

umondy said

at 4:59 am on Mar 10, 2018

In addition to the Christophsis map I would LOVE to get realised there are several other scenaries I'm sure would be a great addition. But always with the purpose in mind to add something to the game. I don't beleive in having 20 maps that are just like the Geonosian arena only with another theme. IMO the best custom maps are the ones that really add something, my favourites are the Jedi Temple and the Endor Base, they both play uniquely and are different than any of the original 4. The temple offers lots of cover possibility and feels like an urban warfare. Endor on the other hand is great for 2v2 battles, offers also lots of cover and unique ability to quickly move up and down the map.
So as excited as I am about ANY new maps I love the ones the most that really offer something different but not are TOO much out of the box (like the battle droid factory f.e.).

umondy said

at 5:13 am on Mar 10, 2018

Completely forgot to enter my "wishlist" :D
Kasyyyk could be a great location for a map
The Cantina setting could be great if big enough with not too many walls etc.
Mandalore City has a pretty cool look
I definately have to Re-watch Clone Wars to maybe spot some more cool specific locations, I only remember that Umbara and Felucia allso had some pretty unique looks that maybe offer something special for a great map.

umondy said

at 3:17 am on Mar 21, 2018

I realized there are many cool maps by Obi-Wan John in his expansions that never actually made it to the map section. I am sure many people miss out on them for that very reason. So I fixed that and put them all on here (except the space battles as they are very spacific to his Space Battle play set.).


at 3:22 am on Mar 21, 2018

Thanks for adding them here umoody.

umondy said

at 11:32 am on Mar 21, 2018

you are welcome. thanks for the great maps ;)


at 3:23 am on Mar 21, 2018


umondy said

at 1:38 pm on Apr 12, 2018

Discovered it just lately. I actually thought I uploaded it here. 🤔

Nathan R said

at 2:59 pm on Apr 12, 2018

under what section?

umondy said

at 3:48 pm on Apr 12, 2018

Must have forgotten to add it. 😂

Nathan R said

at 8:54 pm on Apr 12, 2018

working on the naboo palace map - Found great art from the Queens Gambit - I'm erasing all the hex lines and adding spaces. Its a little bit almost 7"x17"

umondy said

at 3:41 am on Apr 13, 2018

Sounds cool. How do you erase those lines?

Nathan R said

at 5:40 am on Apr 13, 2018


umondy said

at 6:37 am on Apr 13, 2018

Yeah but how do you do it?

Nathan R said

at 5:51 am on Apr 19, 2018

Oh well that a little more intricate, but i used the clone stamp tool and manually spent 45 minutes erasing them

Nathan R said

at 5:40 am on Apr 13, 2018

Also uploaded it under naboo

Roman F said

at 10:50 am on May 10, 2018

We have some talented mapmakers here. Anyone here feel like he has the skills to create an original board for an original game? If so, please contact me, romanfarraday@yahoo.com.


at 8:13 pm on Oct 16, 2020

some nice maps have been added !

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