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In this category you will find various reference subsections to help with your greater understanding of Epic Duels.  If you'd like to make some contributions to the wiki, please read this first.


Contributors: The minds behind the madness. Find out about the people who created all this content. Often in their own words.


Extensions Registry: A simple table to prevent new VASSAL decks from conflicting with existing decks.


Epic Duels Online History:  How long has Epic Duels been discussed online?  Who are the people behind this Wiki?  Get some context here.


Glossary: Definitions of a lot of the terminology used to talk about Epic Duels.


How To Use Wiki: Brand new to a wiki? This brief tutorial will give you some basic info to get started.


Links: A listing of the many webpages associated with Epic Duels.


New to Expansion Decks: One players suggestion on where to start if you are new to using expansion decks.


Rob Daviau Interview:  If you want to hear from one of the game's original designers on its origin, our guy Roman interviewed Rob in 2018.


Lost Decks: a list of decks are no longer available on the wiki; if you have any of these decks please upload!  


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