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This section is for anything pertaining to the rules of the game, be it the official Hasbro rulebook, house rules, or rules interpretations.  If you'd like to make some contributions to the wiki, please read this first.


  • Answerless FAQ: interpretations of cards and situations for which there is no clear cut answer in the rulebook.


  • Epic Duels FAQ (offsite link): official answers about many burning questions


  • Hasbro Rulebook: Have a dispute and no official rulebook handy?  Here's a PDF of the actual rulebook!


  • House Rules: a listing of some of the more common, custom rules changes.

Comments (1)

Tokyotalks2much said

at 8:11 am on Jul 20, 2014

I just got this game and my friends and I already have questions regarding some of the rules. I was hoping to join and get some of them cleared up.

For instance and this may be obvious, can you place your attack card face down and play a special card that can be played "anytime" and resolve it before they play a defense card?

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