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Software Downloads

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This page provides links to useful software associated with the Epic Duels board game.  If you'd like to make some contributions to the wiki, please read this first.


Playing Epic Duels

  • VASSAL - the "official" game engine used for playing Epic Duels online. 
    • Download here.
    • Download Epic Duels module here.
  • ZunTzu - another tool for playing board games like Epic Duels online. 
    • Download here.
    • Download Epic Duels module here.


Deck Design Tools

  • Paint.NET - for those of us that can't afford Photoshop, this is a great alternative graphics tool for developing images for custom decks.
    • Download here. (NOTE: Windows only; requires XP or later and .NET framework)
  • The GIMP - Gnu Image Manipulation Program, an open source alternative to Photoshop that runs on operating systems other than Windows. This program is comaptible with .PSD templates.
  • Deck Designer - a tool created by Corey Andalora for creating custom Epic Duels decks. 


Upcoming Software

Comments (10)

Nick Williams said

at 11:10 am on Sep 6, 2009

I don't know if this is where I am supposed to go to comment on things like this, but I have been toying around with making some new deck to play with, and 2 things caught my eyes, first let me preface everything by saying that the deck designer program is simply amazing, but the artwork is a little different, even though it i a simple thing, I liked the lines on the original and the new program doesn't put those in. Also, the font is unreadable when it is bolded, and I was wondering if there was a way I could turn the bold off. Thanks for the time


at 11:54 am on Mar 14, 2017

Has anyone tried running this in Linux using WINE ?

Ken Kutcel said

at 1:03 pm on May 30, 2022

Yes. Wine 5 works

DarthJake said

at 1:37 am on Jun 4, 2017

Anyone used Deck Designer lately? How's it working? Assuming y'all are using same software as nearly all the expansion cards are formatted with similar layout.

Roman F said

at 11:37 am on Jun 4, 2017

Still works! And yes, we pretty much all use it. It makes things really easy.


at 3:22 pm on Jun 4, 2017

I'm running Deck Designer on my Linux Ubuntu 16.04 macine with Windows XP running inside using Virtualbox.

Program is great!

DarthJake said

at 10:50 pm on Jun 4, 2017

Awesome, thanks gents!

umondy said

at 11:34 am on Jun 27, 2020

Is the Desktop App still a thing or is this project dead?

KingDirt said

at 6:45 pm on Jul 19, 2020

Hey there everyone! I had a question about the Vassal software. Me and some friends who were big SWED board game fans just found this and the Vassal program and really enjoyed it. One issue we had tho is with cards that say "look at player X's hand and..." On Vassal you can open another player's hand and all cards are face down, but if the player flips the cards in their own hand the cards information is displayed in the chat long/program log on Vassal for all other players to see (when you only want one other player to be able to look at them). Any ways around this that people have figured out? Thanks!

Roman F said

at 10:36 am on Jul 20, 2020

I don't think there's any way to prevent Vassal from displaying the names of revealed cards, which means that all "look at an opponent's hand" cards become the same as "opponent reveals his/her hand". I don't consider this a big change worth fretting over. Some play games on Vassal where partners are allowed to share all information anyways, so playing with those rules is something to consider.

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